Adzuki (red bean) cheesecake

January 24, 2016By joy's cozy ovenCakes 1 Comment

Happy 2016! Hope everyone had a lovely and relaxing break! My break was wonderful. I got to spend a lot of time with my family back in Ottawa. It was so good to eat home cooked Chinese food again. When in Toronto we do cook with Asian ingredients but we also add bunch of random … Read More

Black sesame muffins

December 4, 2015By joy's cozy ovenBreakfast, Muffins No Comments

My pantry is getting a little crazy with the amount of cupcake liners I’ve been purchasing. I can’t help myself, cupcake liners, why do you have to be so cute? So last weekend, I rearranged my pantry and threw out some expired stuff to make more room for more cupcake liners necessary baking ingredients. 🙂 During pantry clean … Read More

Apple cinnamon cupcakes

November 23, 2015By joy's cozy ovenCupcakes, Uncategorized No Comments

This past summer a few girlfriends and I finally experienced high tea at the Ritz Carlton. We’ve been planning to go since winter but we’ve decided it would be nicer to drink tea in summer dresses instead of baggy sweaters. It was a lovely afternoon of drinking fancy tea and sampling dainty finger foods. Do not … Read More

Raspberry almond muffin layer cake

November 12, 2015By joy's cozy ovenCakes No Comments

Last weekend I went back to Ottawa to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. In the past, I didn’t often go back for my Dad’s birthday due to various reasons such as school or work assignments.  Because my Dad is super understanding he forgave me for those missed birthdays. This year his birthday fell on a weekend … Read More

Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes

November 5, 2015By joy's cozy ovenCupcakes 2 Comments

Last week I was in the mood to reminisce so I looked through my old baking photos, the ones I took before I started blogging in 2010. I love looking through old photos, it helps you remember the little things you often forget – like this amazing cookie dough cheesecake I made in 2009. I wish I started … Read More

New York Times chocolate chunk cookies

November 1, 2015By joy's cozy ovenCookies 2 Comments

This is the chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve been searching for. I am so happy I have found you but I am so sad it took this long. According to many bloggers, when this recipe came out in 2008, it took the “blogging world by storm”. What was I doing?! To be honest, I wasn’t planning … Read More

Chocolate bacon cupcakes with maple frosting

October 25, 2015By joy's cozy ovenCupcakes No Comments

Is it too late to jump on the bacon chocolate hype train? The first time I experienced this sinful combination was at a food truck festival down at Toronto’s Distillery district a few years ago. There, I had a maple bacon donut from the restaurant Beast. It was pretty delicious for a donut even for a non-bacon lover … Read More