“Mint-ish” chocolate cheesecake brownies

August 24, 2014By cozyovenBars 1 Comment

My last weekend was a lazy and sleep-catching type of a weekend (although it would be better if I didn’t have those cramps). The past few weeks have significantly contributed to my sleep debt due to work, friends and travelling. So not gonna lie, it was great to have a weekend of just lying on … Read More

Red velvet cheesecake brownies

October 13, 2012By cozyovenBars No Comments

Finally a blog post! I have been severely busy in the past months with vacation,  packing and moving, and my Master’s program. I am beginning to feel rusty in baking :(. Despite the amount of work that is looming over me, I decided it was time to pick up my whisk instead of clicking my mouse modelling a … Read More

fluffy blackberry crumb bars

May 16, 2011By cozyovenBars No Comments

I sincerely apologize for this period of silence in my cozy oven. The past month have just been non stop exams, papers, and presentations. YESH finally it is officially done! I have officially finished my 4 years of undergrad!!! WOHOOOOoo =). So as grad trip my friends and I went to the magical land of … Read More

Lemon heart shaped squares

March 20, 2011By cozyovenBars No Comments

  Tis another entry with lemon yes. That’s because lemons are so great to bake with, there are so many yum desserts made with lemons; just on top of my head: lemon cheesecake, lemon poppyseed muffins, lemon loaf, lemon tart, lemon icebox cookies, lemon pudding,…hmm I wonder if lemon donuts exist? They are also great … Read More

Crumbly Apple Crisp

January 25, 2011By cozyovenBars No Comments

Busy, busy, busy! Too busy to have time for baking? Yes =( Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been super busy with class, experiments and my BMC applications. But finally on Friday night I squeezed some time out for baking for some de-stressing. Apple crumble is definitely an excellent comfort/ de-stressing dessert to … Read More

Christmas cranberry bliss bars

December 3, 2010By cozyovenBars No Comments

Tis the season to be jolly! Yes I love Christmas, I love the atmosphere. I love the decorations. I love wrapping up presents, and of course, I love Christmas baking. I found this recipe on Daily Top 9 by food buzz. Cranberries are my top ingredients to bake with during this wonderful season because of … Read More

Mice, owls, and pumpkin!

November 22, 2010By cozyovenBars, Cupcakes 1 Comment

Last Friday was the IMMSA bake sale to raise money for our undergrad Immunology (study of immune systems) student association. I, being a fourth year immunology student with a passion for baking, of course couldn’t pass the chance to help out! When I was deciding what I wanted to make for it, the first thing … Read More