Honey buttermilk bread

October 18, 2015By cozyovenBreads and Quick Breads, Breakfast 4 Comments

I always wonder why grocery stores never sell buttermilk in smaller containers?! So many recipes use only 1/2 cup or a few tablespoons of buttermilk. So I usually end up buying the large carton, use a little bit, and throwing out most of it. Yet, buttermilk is an irreplaceable ingredient and buttermilk substitutes are just not … Read More

Pumpkin scone craze

September 27, 2015By cozyovenBreads and Quick Breads No Comments

  I went a little pumpkin crazy this weekend. I made three different pumpkin recipes. Two of them were pumpkin scones so I guess they really count as one (but FYI I used two different recipes of pumpkin scones :)). I also made some pumpkin pie pancakes with this recipe for brunch…mmmmm yum! There are many … Read More

BLC (bacon-leek-cheddar) scone

April 20, 2012By cozyovenBreads and Quick Breads No Comments

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!! This is probably the longest baking drought I’ve had. BMC have been consuming my life for the past months (in a good way I guess lol). I actually baked this a few weeks ago when I decided to take a night-off, which was something I haven’t done in a looooooooong time. Haha I probably … Read More

Chocolate bread pudding ahoy!

February 11, 2011By cozyovenBreads and Quick Breads No Comments

Chips Ahoy and bread pudding? Sounds questionable? Definitely not! Please trust me on this one, it is super yummy yummy in your tummy! This recipe will give you a brand new taste buds for the regular boring Chips Ahoy cookies. It’s also a great way to spice up the regular old bread pudding raisin combo. … Read More