Chocolate Nutella Ferrero layer cake

January 12, 2017By joy's cozy ovenCakes No Comments

Hello 2017! Thanks to everyone who supported my (second) Christmas cupcake shoppe and believed in me enough to buy my cupcakes and feed them to your friends and families! I am super excited for 2017 but I will miss all the baking adventures I had in 2016! Here are a few baking related things I learned … Read More

Cake pops: tips and tricks!

February 19, 2016By joy's cozy ovenCakes, Cupcakes No Comments

I had a love-hate relationship with cake pops until now (I hope after reading these tips and tricks… it’s more love than hate). They are so cute and delicious to eat but making them look pretty is a challenging and frustrating process. I’ve experienced pretty much all of the fails you could experience while making cake pops. … Read More

Adzuki (red bean) cheesecake

January 24, 2016By joy's cozy ovenCakes 1 Comment

Happy 2016! Hope everyone had a lovely and relaxing break! My break was wonderful. I got to spend a lot of time with my family back in Ottawa. It was so good to eat home cooked Chinese food again. When in Toronto we do cook with Asian ingredients but we also add bunch of random … Read More

Raspberry almond muffin layer cake

November 12, 2015By joy's cozy ovenCakes No Comments

Last weekend I went back to Ottawa to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. In the past, I didn’t often go back for my Dad’s birthday due to various reasons such as school or work assignments.  Because my Dad is super understanding he forgave me for those missed birthdays. This year his birthday fell on a weekend … Read More

Christmas Tree Cake Balls

January 4, 2013By cozyovenCakes No Comments

Ever since my friend introduced me to Bakerella  few years ago, I had a whole new opinion on store bought cake mix and ready-made icing. I am not a huge fan of icing on cakes especially the ones that come in a can…they are too fluffy and sweet for me. However if the fluffy icing is … Read More

Genoese sponge and fruits

July 3, 2012By cozyovenCakes No Comments

Baking in Ottawa is much more convenient than baking in Toronto. I love the big kitchen space, new oven, and great lighting for picture taking. So every time I come back to Ottawa I have to take the advantage of the kitchen by baking something cool! In addition to the great physical space, I also get help … Read More

Caramel apple pie cheesecake

January 9, 2012By cozyovenCakes 1 Comment

First of all, happy new years everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and new years! What a busy Christmas break for me. I thought I would have more time to catch up baking and blogging but instead spending time with family and friends as well as working on my assignment 🙁 took up most … Read More

An awesome cake for an awesome person

August 15, 2011By cozyovenCakes No Comments

  Why this cake is awesome: Made with pure chocolate, none of that cocoa powder stuff This cake taste like chocolate espresso explosion in your mouth It is my first time making a layered cake The cake is shaped like a letter “A” It is made for an awesome gangsta surprise party It is made … Read More

Upside-down nectarine cake

July 27, 2011By cozyovenCakes No Comments

Summer baking isn’t summer baking until you bake with lovely fresh fruits. However I am always debating between eating fruits fresh or using them to bake lol. I just love eating fruits too much! BUT when I set my eyes on this recipe, I know I had to “sacrifice” eating my yummy sweet nectarines fresh. … Read More