Mochi-Japanese rice cakes

January 7, 2011By cozyovenCakes, Confectionary 2 Comments

Sticky, chewy, and sweet are three words to describe mochi, which is type of Japanese sweet. I tried making these few times before but always failed to get a nice round shape because the glutinous rice dough is so sticky! It literally sticks everywhere, your hands, the spoon (wooden and metal), the bowl (glass and … Read More

Tiramisu crepe cake

December 5, 2010By cozyovenCakes No Comments

When I first set my eyes on this recipe I knew I had to make it. Tiramisu…a blend of coffee and creamy goodness layered between thin layers of delicious crepes made with browned butter. I never knew browned butter smelled so good~ when I was making it, the nutty-caramel aroma filled up my whole apartment.mmm! … Read More

Happy thanksgiving: Not-so-pumpkin pumpkin cheescake

October 10, 2010By cozyovenCakes 4 Comments

  Happy thanksgiving! Last night my friends and I had our second annual thanksgiving dinner with a 24 pound butterball turkey O-o. Boy did they do a wonderful job cooking it. The meat was juicy and the stuffing (my favourite part) was full of flavour. Thanks D&D! We definitely didn’t have to worry about not … Read More

Strawberry cheesecake

August 27, 2010By cozyovenCakes 4 Comments

The idea of making my own cheesecake came from my mom. She loves the creamy, smooth and rich taste, well who doesn’t? Haha, actually me. My favourite part about a cheesecake is the graham crack crust. I know, I’m weird. But not crust alone either, I would love a cheesecake with a thick layer of … Read More