A Thanksgiving dinner must-have: Pumpkin pie

October 12, 2015By cozyovenPies and Pastries No Comments

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! This year for Thanksgiving we decided to stay in Toronto (partly due to me being irresponsible and didn’t buy train tickets on time). Since our favourite neighbour/besties couple didn’t go back to Ottawa either, we decided to cook our own Thanksgiving feast. The turkey they got ended up too big for their … Read More

Apricot blueberry galette

July 6, 2012By cozyovenPies and Pastries No Comments

Yesterday I had a wonderful summer night with my Ottawa girls. It was the first time where we were able to get everyone together other than our annual Christmas potluck/exchange. It’s so great to see everyone is doing such exciting things in their life! I am so proud of all of you girls! For this … Read More

Spicy cheesy sticks

June 11, 2012By cozyovenPies and Pastries, Savoury Things No Comments

Warning: this is the most addictive snack ever! I found this recipe on Smitten Kitchen when I was planning for a special birthday dinner last year. Ever since I made it…I cannot stop making it. So now I am dedicating this blog entry to these yummy things to emphasize how great they are.  It’s a … Read More

Leaning tower of cream puffs

November 2, 2011By cozyovenPies and Pastries No Comments

So this Halloween weekend, my friend and I decided to challenge our baking skills to make Croqembouche (craw-kem-boo-sh), which is a classic French dessert made by stacking cream puffs in a conical shape and caramel is used to keep the cream puffs in place. Our result is okay for first time, but it took us … Read More

A new twist on swirly taro pastry

September 25, 2011By cozyovenPies and Pastries No Comments

I have to apologize for my absence of baking blogging 🙁 I have been busy with packing and unpacking to my new place in the past month (yes that means a better new kitchen!) and I finally just got internet! I have baked during my period of blogging absence, just never got a chance to … Read More

Popeye’s quiche

November 15, 2010By cozyovenPies and Pastries, Savoury Things 1 Comment

Brunch food is one of my favourite type of food. Hmm maybe its the cheese and egg combination, it just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy when eating it =). Quiche is such a versatile and yummy brunch food to make, you can add anything you want in it (ham, egg, asparagus, salmon….) and … Read More

Swirly taro pastry

September 9, 2010By cozyovenPies and Pastries 2 Comments

Making taro-filled stuff is always a challenge for me. I usually make the taro paste ahead of time so I always end up finishing the taro paste before I can do anything with them! I used taro paste to make these cute piggy buns before but I also wondered if I can combine French pastry … Read More

Black plum and peach galettes minis

September 8, 2010By cozyovenPies and Pastries 3 Comments

It has been over a week since I last updated this blog. I blame on the hot Toronto weather and no access to internet. But now that the weather is cooled down and got found alternative source for internet I present to you these cute little mini galettes I baked for my friend’s party. Galettes … Read More