Chocolate Nutella Ferrero layer cake

January 12, 2017By joy's cozy ovenCakes No Comments

Hello 2017! Thanks to everyone who supported my (second) Christmas cupcake shoppe and believed in me enough to buy my cupcakes and feed them to your friends and families! I am super excited for 2017 but I will miss all the baking adventures I had in 2016! Here are a few baking related things I learned … Read More

Matcha cupcakes with matcha frosting

April 11, 2016By joy's cozy ovenCupcakes No Comments

There is so much matcha love in Toronto right now. Tsujiri, Uncle Tetsu matcha cafe, Nohohon Tea Room are just some of the new matcha related openings.  This matcha latte lover here is loving it. Because of all the new cafe / tea shop openings I gave myself a little food mission – try as … Read More

Cake pops: tips and tricks!

February 19, 2016By joy's cozy ovenCakes, Cupcakes No Comments

I had a love-hate relationship with cake pops until now (I hope after reading these tips and tricks… it’s more love than hate). They are so cute and delicious to eat but making them look pretty is a challenging and frustrating process. I’ve experienced pretty much all of the fails you could experience while making cake pops. … Read More

Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes

November 5, 2015By joy's cozy ovenCupcakes 2 Comments

Last week I was in the mood to reminisce so I looked through my old baking photos, the ones I took before I started blogging in 2010. I love looking through old photos, it helps you remember the little things you often forget – like this amazing cookie dough cheesecake I made in 2009. I wish I started … Read More

Chocolate bacon cupcakes with maple frosting

October 25, 2015By joy's cozy ovenCupcakes No Comments

Is it too late to jump on the bacon chocolate hype train? The first time I experienced this sinful combination was at a food truck festival down at Toronto’s Distillery district a few years ago. There, I had a maple bacon donut from the restaurant Beast. It was pretty delicious for a donut even for a non-bacon lover … Read More