Cake pops: tips and tricks!

February 19, 2016By joy's cozy ovenCakes, Cupcakes No Comments

I had a love-hate relationship with cake pops until now (I hope after reading these tips and tricks… it’s more love than hate). They are so cute and delicious to eat but making them look pretty is a challenging and frustrating process. I’ve experienced pretty much all of the fails you could experience while making cake pops. … Read More

Christmas Tree Cake Balls

January 4, 2013By cozyovenCakes No Comments

Ever since my friend introduced me to Bakerella  few years ago, I had a whole new opinion on store bought cake mix and ready-made icing. I am not a huge fan of icing on cakes especially the ones that come in a can…they are too fluffy and sweet for me. However if the fluffy icing is … Read More