Chocolate salted caramel cupcakes

November 23, 2013By cozyovenCupcakes 1 Comment

Another chocolate cupcake post?! Yes! These cupcakes were requested by my boyfriend’s lab mates for a goodbye party of a PhD student – who loves chocolate. This was the perfect time to pull out my fancy schmancy cupcake liners I got at Toronto’s baking and sweets show a month ago for a more professional look. … Read More

Chocolate avocado cupcakes

November 17, 2013By cozyovenCupcakes, Vegan No Comments

This is for all the avocado lovers! I love its creamy, rich, and soft texture. Its subtle flavours also makes it a very versatile fruit, used in both sweet (avocado smoothies!) and savory dishes (sushi, sandwiches, salads). Another bonus is they are healthy, full of unsaturated fats (the good fats). So you can feel less … Read More

Red velvet cheesecake brownies

October 13, 2012By cozyovenBars No Comments

Finally a blog post! I have been severely busy in the past months with vacation,  packing and moving, and my Master’s program. I am beginning to feel rusty in baking :(. Despite the amount of work that is looming over me, I decided it was time to pick up my whisk instead of clicking my mouse modelling a … Read More

Chocolate cream cheese cupcake

May 28, 2012By cozyovenCupcakes No Comments

  I travelled back to Ottawa to spend Victoria’s day weekend with my family. What a lovely weekend it was! And of course a lovely weekend is not a lovely weekend without some baking :). I also had the honour of having two excellent little helpers in helping me bake these delicious goodies (Thank you again, can’t … Read More

Chocolate pistachio cookies

February 26, 2012By cozyovenCookies No Comments

Reading week was not only a week to relax and spend time with my family in Ottawa, but also a week for me to catch up with some bakings! Hehe, I should just call it baking week :). Boy did I bake a lot this week! They were successful and unsuccessful ones. Of course I … Read More

Mini sweet potato chocolate chip cupcakes

October 12, 2011By cozyovenCupcakes No Comments

Happy Thanksgiving from my cozy oven! For the past four years of Thanksgiving I’ve always spent it in Toronto due to the busy-ness of undergrad, I always seemed to have tests after the long weekend! Thankfully this year, the midterm is before the long weekend so I finally get to go home for Thanksgiving! Although … Read More

An awesome cake for an awesome person

August 15, 2011By cozyovenCakes No Comments

  Why this cake is awesome: Made with pure chocolate, none of that cocoa powder stuff This cake taste like chocolate espresso explosion in your mouth It is my first time making a layered cake The cake is shaped like a letter “A” It is made for an awesome gangsta surprise party It is made … Read More

oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies

June 5, 2011By cozyovenCookies 1 Comment

I’ve been having a little craving for chocolate chip cookies lately..soft..chewy…with the chocolate chips melting on your tongue . Yes yes I know it’s bikini season…but as we all know it is not good to suppress your cravings! It will just build up and build up until you explode and end up eating chocolate chip … Read More

Chocolate bread pudding ahoy!

February 11, 2011By cozyovenBreads and Quick Breads No Comments

Chips Ahoy and bread pudding? Sounds questionable? Definitely not! Please trust me on this one, it is super yummy yummy in your tummy! This recipe will give you a brand new taste buds for the regular boring Chips Ahoy cookies. It’s also a great way to spice up the regular old bread pudding raisin combo. … Read More