Apple cinnamon cupcakes

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This past summer a few girlfriends and I finally experienced high tea at the Ritz Carlton. We’ve been planning to go since winter but we’ve decided it would be nicer to drink tea in summer dresses instead of baggy sweaters. It was a lovely afternoon of┬ádrinking fancy tea and sampling dainty finger foods. Do not … Read More

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes

June 9, 2013By cozyovenCupcakes 1 Comment

This recipe features another way to spice up your regular store bought cake mix. I made cupcakes with store bought cake mix before and they were just way too fluffy and airy (never again!). Adding sour cream and buttermilk gives these cupcake a little more density and moisture than usual. If you are a cinnamon … Read More

Cinnamon pecan coffee cake muffin

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We finally finished our final anatomy exam a few days ago..yay! Now I finally have time to update you on these wonderful muffins without feeling the should-be-studying guilt. I am currently on a muffin-quest in seeking for a muffin recipe to resemble the muffins at Richtree. Richtree muffins are delicious, they are crunchy on top … Read More