Golden oreo cupcakes

May 7, 2016By joy's cozy ovenCupcakes 4 Comments

I had a cupcake order this week for the bf’s coworker goodbye party. I am so happy to be baking cupcakes for her because she was my first customer! I made the pink and green cupcakes for her daughter’s one year old birthday.  That was when I just started to make cupcakes. I am so thankful for her … Read More

Apple cinnamon cupcakes

November 23, 2015By joy's cozy ovenCupcakes, Uncategorized No Comments

This past summer a few girlfriends and I finally experienced high tea at the Ritz Carlton. We’ve been planning to go since winter but we’ve decided it would be nicer to drink tea in summer dresses instead of baggy sweaters. It was a lovely afternoon of drinking fancy tea and sampling dainty finger foods. Do not … Read More

Coconut Cupcakes

September 23, 2015By cozyovenCupcakes No Comments

Wow it’s been a while since I blogged! I don’t even know where to start, so many things have happened since I last blogged – which was November of last year (cray cray I know). I will not have any excuses for my lack of blogging except for laziness. Though I did have a super busy … Read More

Red velvet cupcakes

November 17, 2014By cozyovenCupcakes 2 Comments

Christmas baking season has officially began yesterday. With the snow sprinkling down and Santa Clause parade going on outside, there cannot be a more appropriate start date! The other reason is our work’s Christmas potluck / Secret Santa gift exchange is today. It’s pretty early because it is the last day where everyone is together … Read More

Blueberry muffin cupcakes

July 4, 2014By cozyovenBreakfast, Cupcakes, Muffins No Comments

Time goes by so fast! I can’t believe the last time I blogged was last December. A lot has happened since my last post which probably explains my lack of blogging activity. First of all…a new job! I am loving it especially the fact that it’s a 10 minute walk from where I live – … Read More

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes

June 9, 2013By cozyovenCupcakes 1 Comment

This recipe features another way to spice up your regular store bought cake mix. I made cupcakes with store bought cake mix before and they were just way too fluffy and airy (never again!). Adding sour cream and buttermilk gives these cupcake a little more density and moisture than usual. If you are a cinnamon … Read More

Lemon Poppyseed Roses

March 10, 2011By cozyovenCupcakes No Comments

I love baking with lemon. The fresh scent of lemon just makes me wish that summer is here already. The green grass, the flip flops, the beach, the skirts, the flowers, picnics….and Micky mouse and Minnie mouse, and Cinderella, and Goofy and Pooh and ….. Why Disney characters you ask? Because I will be going … Read More