I have to apologize for my absence of baking blogging 🙁 I have been busy with packing and unpacking to my new place in the past month (yes that means a better new kitchen!) and I finally just got internet! I have baked during my period of blogging absence, just never got a chance to update >_<. I will make up for it!
Now I am putting a new twist on my swirly taro pastries I made before. Making these for the second time, it was still time consuming 🙁 but the end result was worth it! I added green tea powder to give these cute things a fresher look! You can taste the subtle green tea flavour which works quite well with the taro paste.

For people who never heard of taro, it is a root vegetable commonly used in Asian cooking mostly with meats for example in one of my favourite dimsum dishes – deep fried taro pork dumplings! There is of course taro bubble tea, which in my opinion doesn’t really taste like what taro should taste like…but still delish!
My favourite way of cooking taro is of course in desserts, especially taro paste! Its super easy to make, very similar to making mashed potatos! Just boil the taro till soft, drain the water and mash! Of course add some sugar to your taste and a bit of milk if the paste is too dry. Just a tip, its good to make the paste a bit sweeter if you are planning to use it in a filling!

Here is the recipe! (instead of taro bubble tea powder I added green tea / matcha powder)

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