Ever since my friend introduced me to Bakerella  few years ago, I had a whole new opinion on store bought cake mix and ready-made icing. I am not a huge fan of icing on cakes especially the ones that come in a can…they are too fluffy and sweet for me. However if the fluffy icing is mixed with cake crumbs and rolled into a dense ball,  it’s just so much more delicious!

I made cake pops many times before this post, but I am never confident enough to blog about them because my chocolate melting skills are not great. Baking and rolling them into balls were the easy parts…but dipping them into candy melts drove me crazy and also crazy time consuming. I don’t know if its the candy melts are hard to work with…but they are always turn out dense so it’s really hard to coat the cake balls. I tried adding warm heavy cream once, and I think that helped thin it a bit.



Anyway, despite my previous struggle with cake balls…my friend and I decided to challenge ourselves by making a Christmas tree cake ball tower for her Christmas dinner party. We saw this creative idea on Foodgawker. We used about 2 boxes of cake mix and made about 60 cake balls! We made sure we rolled our cake balls nice a round and equal in size. However when it came to dipping them…it didn’t go as smoothly as we wanted. But we managed to hide the cracks and imperfections by putting the ugly balls on the bottom.

This was mine longest baking project, it took us 3 days!
Day 1: Baking and rolling the cake balls
Day 2: Dipping and decorating balls and and initial assembly
Day 3: Final assembly!

For full recipe and instructions please visit this blog.
They also have a great troubleshooting page for making cake pops!

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