Honey buttermilk bread

October 18, 2015By cozyovenBreads and Quick Breads, Breakfast 4 Comments

I always wonder why grocery stores never sell buttermilk in smaller containers?! So many recipes use only 1/2 cup or a few tablespoons of buttermilk. So I usually end up buying the large carton, use a little bit, and throwing out most of it. Yet, buttermilk is an irreplaceable ingredient and buttermilk substitutes are just not … Read More

A Thanksgiving dinner must-have: Pumpkin pie

October 12, 2015By cozyovenPies and Pastries No Comments

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! This year for Thanksgiving we decided to stay in Toronto (partly due to me being irresponsible and didn’t buy train tickets on time). Since our favourite neighbour/besties couple didn’t go back to Ottawa either, we decided to cook our own Thanksgiving feast. The turkey they got ended up too big for their … Read More

Pumpkin scone craze

September 27, 2015By cozyovenBreads and Quick Breads No Comments

  I went a little pumpkin crazy this weekend. I made three different pumpkin recipes. Two of them were pumpkin scones so I guess they really count as one (but FYI I used two different recipes of pumpkin scones :)). I also made some pumpkin pie pancakes with this recipe for brunch…mmmmm yum! There are many … Read More

Coconut Cupcakes

September 23, 2015By cozyovenCupcakes No Comments

Wow it’s been a while since I blogged! I don’t even know where to start, so many things have happened since I last blogged – which was November of last year (cray cray I know). I will not have any excuses for my lack of blogging except for laziness. Though I did have a super busy … Read More

Red velvet cupcakes

November 17, 2014By cozyovenCupcakes 2 Comments

Christmas baking season has officially began yesterday. With the snow sprinkling down and Santa Clause parade going on outside, there cannot be a more appropriate start date! The other reason is our work’s Christmas potluck / Secret Santa gift exchange is today. It’s pretty early because it is the last day where everyone is together … Read More

“Mint-ish” chocolate cheesecake brownies

August 24, 2014By cozyovenBars 1 Comment

My last weekend was a lazy and sleep-catching type of a weekend (although it would be better if I didn’t have those cramps). The past few weeks have significantly contributed to my sleep debt due to work, friends and travelling. So not gonna lie, it was great to have a weekend of just lying on … Read More

Blueberry muffin cupcakes

July 4, 2014By cozyovenBreakfast, Cupcakes, Muffins No Comments

Time goes by so fast! I can’t believe the last time I blogged was last December. A lot has happened since my last post which probably explains my lack of blogging activity. First of all…a new job! I am loving it especially the fact that it’s a 10 minute walk from where I live – … Read More

Pink and green chocolate cupcakes

December 17, 2013By cozyovenCupcakes No Comments

As you probably noticed, I am on a cupcake baking frenzy. Yes I am indeed in love with baking cupcakes. They are just so fun to make! I love the infinite amount of flavour combinations they can have. I love picking out cupcake liners to match the colour of the icing. I also love frosting … Read More

Chocolate salted caramel cupcakes

November 23, 2013By cozyovenCupcakes 1 Comment

Another chocolate cupcake post?! Yes! These cupcakes were requested by my boyfriend’s lab mates for a goodbye party of a PhD student – who loves chocolate. This was the perfect time to pull out my fancy schmancy cupcake liners I got at Toronto’s baking and sweets show a month ago for a more professional look. … Read More