I heart macaron

February 23, 2011By cozyovenConfectionary 1 Comment

Yes I am made macarons again, they are just too fun to make! Last time my macarons were not 100% successful because of my oven at home was broken. This time…still not 100% successful because some turned out “burnt” on the bottom, I forgot to double pan it during baking! Poop. No worries, next time … Read More

Mochi-Japanese rice cakes

January 7, 2011By cozyovenCakes, Confectionary 2 Comments

Sticky, chewy, and sweet are three words to describe mochi, which is type of Japanese sweet. I tried making these few times before but always failed to get a nice round shape because the glutinous rice dough is so sticky! It literally sticks everywhere, your hands, the spoon (wooden and metal), the bowl (glass and … Read More