New York Times chocolate chunk cookies

November 1, 2015By joy's cozy ovenCookies 2 Comments

This is the chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve been searching for. I am so happy I have found you but I am so sad it took this long. According to many bloggers, when this recipe came out in 2008, it took the “blogging world by storm”. What was I doing?! To be honest, I wasn’t planning … Read More

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

January 22, 2013By cozyovenCookies 2 Comments

I was never a big tea drinker up until this Christmas when I discovered and fell in love with the fresh citrus aroma of Earl Grey. I actually made these cookies about a year ago but I still remember the wonderful citrus and buttery flavour from these cookies. This weekend I suddenly thought about how … Read More

For the love of sesame!

August 10, 2012By cozyovenCookies No Comments

  It is time for another sesame inspired recipe! As you probably know, I am a huge fan of adding sesame to baked goods. Just check out some of previous recipes with sesame seeds/powder: Peanut butter cookies with a twist  Black sesame bread Black sesame macarons What I love about this black and white sesame … Read More

Chocolate pistachio cookies

February 26, 2012By cozyovenCookies No Comments

Reading week was not only a week to relax and spend time with my family in Ottawa, but also a week for me to catch up with some bakings! Hehe, I should just call it baking week :). Boy did I bake a lot this week! They were successful and unsuccessful ones. Of course I … Read More

Cookie exchange: matcha checker board

January 14, 2012By cozyovenCookies No Comments

Recently I organized a cookie exchange for our professors in our program as a late Christmas / New Year’s gift. It was a success! It was lovely to see everyone bringing in different yummies and smiles we brought on our professors faces 🙂 Just wanna say thanks again for everyone who contributed! I have always … Read More

Happy Halloween: Witch finger cookies

October 28, 2011By cozyovenCookies No Comments

Mutated Witch Fingers: Polydactyly Here is a recipe for something that is gross and delicious at the same time 😉 So instead of studying anatomy for my up coming anatomy test, I decided to spend my Thursday night making these cookies for the Halloween party this weekend. Hey… at least there are some anatomical basis … Read More

Peanut butter cookies with a twist

July 7, 2011By cozyovenCookies 1 Comment

  I have just recently got back from my vacation in China. What a great trip! Filled with yummy food and lots of shopping. However I really missed my cozy oven so today I did some epic baking to satisfy my craving! I think I have already expressed my love for peanut butter enough in … Read More

oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies

June 5, 2011By cozyovenCookies 1 Comment

I’ve been having a little craving for chocolate chip cookies lately..soft..chewy…with the chocolate chips melting on your tongue . Yes yes I know it’s bikini season…but as we all know it is not good to suppress your cravings! It will just build up and build up until you explode and end up eating chocolate chip … Read More

Chocolate almond thumbprint cookies

December 31, 2010By cozyovenCookies No Comments

Thumbprint cookies are so easy and fun to make. I made them a lot of times before but with strawberry jam. They are so buttery! Since I couldn’t find any jam lying around the fridge, I decide to spice these things up a little with melted dark chocolate and chopped almonds! Today’s baking project was … Read More